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For the physical characterization of particles Retsch Technology offers a wide range of optical particle analyzers covering a size range from 1 nm to 30 mm. 
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Dynamic Image Analysis   Laser Light Scattering
dry   wet

Sieve Analysis

dry   wet

The sieve shaker range of our sister company RETSCH allows both wet and dry particle size analyses in a particle size range between 10 µm and 125 mm.
Dynamic Image Analysis
(CAMSIZER Systems)
Sieve Analysis Laser Diffraction Static Image Analysis
(opt. Microscope)
Wide dynamic measurement range
Reproducibility and repeatability
High resolution for narrow distributions
Particle shape analysis
Direct measurement technique
Compatibility of results
with other techniques
Reliable detection of oversized grains
Robust hardware,
easy operation for routine analysis
Analysis of individual particles
High measurement speed,
short measurement times