Particle size analysis with optical measuring systems

The determination of particle size is an important process step in the quality control of almost any manufactured product.

Camsizer particle sizing system for accurate particle characterization

Particle size measurements are carried out in such different industries as food, pharmaceuticals, geology, or manufacture of metal powders. In addition to ongoing quality control, particle size analysis is essential in many R&D environments, for example in the development of new compounds and materials.

While traditional sieve analysis is still used in many applications, particle size distribution of large granules, suspended microparticles and nanoscale materials is more easily and more quickly determined with advanced light scattering or optical image analysis methods.

Advancements in detection mechanisms as well as analysis software have given competitive edge to these measuring technologies. Due to a high degree of automation, they avoid the time-consuming weighing and cleaning of sieving and can therefore prove to be a cost-saving alternative.

Dynamic Image Analysis can be used for particle size and shape characterization from 0.8 µm to 30 mm.

For resolving finer materials, particles suspended in fluid, or in the nanometer range, the technology of laser light scattering is better suited. To find out which measuring technology is the most suitable for your material, please contact our application experts. They will be glad to assist you and, if required, run a test particle size measurement.

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