Particle Analysis - fast & reproducible - Retsch Technology

Retsch Technology offers systems for precise particle analysis from the nanometer to millimeter range.

Camsizer particle analysis system

Today's particle analysis instruments can quickly characterize granules in dry powders or microparticles in fluids. Their grain size and distribution information can be determined by mechanical separation (sieving), digital image analysis or laser diffraction.

The economical sieve analysis technique manages micro- and millimeter range particles. Sieves divide mixed substances into particle size classes allowing for easy quantification by advanced software integrated into every system.

In a leap to accommodate new methods of particle analysis, image analysis and light scattering technology were employed to provide a new level of accuracy and repeatability.

These new technologies enable an accelerated measurement process (providing a cost-effective solution in quality control) as well as a wide range of analysis functions. Laser techniques measure particles down to nanometer range and therefore open doors to an entirely new range of applications.

Extensive research and product development by manufacturers like Retsch Technology with a long history in particle analysis drive innovation to provide precise and reliable solutions for particle characterization.