Application Consultation

At RETSCH TECHNOLOGY professional customer service is about offering every single customer the individual advice he needs to find the best possible solution for his particle characterization. To provide you with a qualified consultation, we ask you to complete the following questionnaire as detailed as possible.

On the basis of thousands of particle characterizations we have already run in our laboratories, our application experts will offer you the optimum solution for the preparation of your material.

Whether some of your actual sample material is required for further measurements will be decided from case to case.


  1. Sample List
    (exact description, sample identification and type of material, chemical composition etc.)

  2. Health and safety hazards

  3. Presumed grain size range

  4. Preferred analysis

  5. In which context does particle analysis take place?

  6. What method of particle size analysis do you currently use?

  7. Remarks
    (e.g., methods and analyzers used to date, evaluation and presentation of analysis results!)

  8. Contact data

  9. How did you get to know about Retsch Technology?

*mandatory fields

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