RT Particle Analysis

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Ultra-high operation efficiency has been attained using laser diffraction methods to determine the size of particulate matter. The evolution of particle measurement technology has led to the realisation of optical methods that are fast and precise.

Highly stable laser light is scattered by the sample particles. The angle of scattering depends on the particle size. Detection of the scattered laser light - where recent developments have given a competitive edge - utilize creative designs such as multiple detectors positioned in a reverse Fourier arrangement. This provides simplified, simultaneous signal data that can be quickly transformed by software algorithms to measurement results.

This efficient method provides fast "detection-to-display" times as software algorithms quickly transform the signals to results. As analysis times have decreased - hence increasing the processing speed - there is an effective cost-savings potential especially in quality control applications.

The ability of our lasers to determine properties of particles suspended in fluids or emulsions due to advancements in detector methods is also of interest, as this provides further useful capacities in such applications as foodstuff and pharmaceutical processing where texture and dissolving rates are important.

Laser diffraction

In the business of particle analyser equipment, Retsch Technology has established industry proven designs that incorporate the most up-to-date research and innovative analysis tactics to suit every application in laser diffraction.